International information

Stichting Donorkind is the Dutch organisation for donor offspring and donors’. It has contacts with other organisations and researchers in this field in the Netherlands, ministry of Health, clinics and social support networks for parents.

Internationally Stichting Donorkind works with other offspring groups in Europe, together in the DOE website, and international researchers, like Ken Daniels (New Zealand) and Astrid Indekeu (Belgium).

What we do

Stichting Donorkind organizes support groups for donor offspring and donors’. And is developing a psycho-education program for parents.

The aim is to share information by participating in research and international seminars. For more information please contact us by

Publicatie: Counselling en begeleiding bij behandeling donorsperma

Vandaag (14-3-2018) promoveert counselor Marja Visser op onderzoek naar begeleiding bij behandelingen van donorsperma. Hiervoor zijn ouders, donoren en ook donorkinderen bevraagd. Een belangrijke conclusie is dat donorkinderen het ontzettend belangrijk vinden dat...

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